Thursday, December 31, 2009

Headlights... no, not THOSE headlights

This callout still sticks in my head for a few reasons.

First, it was the first time a dead body bothered me. It was the first time I really thought about it once I was done, the first time I shed a tear about it, and the first time I dreamed about it. I still don't know why.

Second, the night was absolutely gorgeous. The kind of night that brings you back to alpine climbing again and again. This contrasted sharply with our mission.

Third, I LOVE my petzyl head lamp- but it is not enough light to ski by and is makes a true search in the trees difficult. Being a self confessed gear whore, I wondered what I could do about this.

When doing 24 hour mountain bike races, I have a really nice, light, bright light set up made by NiteRider. Two on my handle bars, one on my helmet and I usually run faster laps at night than I do during the day. I would love a similar headlamp possibility on my ski helmet.

There is a helmet mount already made:but it is intended for mountain biking helmets with ample open vents for the velcro straps. I'm planning to try epoxying it onto my Giro G9 ski helmet to see if it may be a viable option for holding a light. The battery pack would either go in my backpack or jacket. Anythoughts?


Ross said...

You might find that the 3M mounting tapes with adhesive on both sides might work for attaching it.

WanabeMD said...

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I was thinking some 3M FastTac (a favorite among cyclists) but that would be a rather permanent solution.